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audio books modern past trend

Do you know that you can listen to audiobooks for free at Audiobook Bay? They have a fair amount of collection of unabridged audiobooks. Other popular alternative is Audible, which is not free but for a small monthly fee you get access to tens of thousands of audio books by all categories.

Are Audiobooks the Up-Rising Retro Trend of the Past?

audio books modern past trend

Before anything else, any other medium was invented, the very first were radio waves at the beginning of the 19th century. It’s been first transfer of sound through the air, that people could tune up to and listen from their homes, cars, or workplaces. And before the tv came to be, the various sound recording equipments were created such as tape reel or vinyl, and later on smaller cassette tapes.

They all served as an audio medium in the past. Now that we have the modern times of the internet network, we can find and download any kind of audiobook in a matter of minutes. Unlike a physical book or a video, audiobook can be listened to while executing different tasks for example driving, walking, cleaning the house, laying down with eyes closed, etc.

Since people have tendencies to be busier and busier, listening to audiobooks is sometimes the only choice for them.

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