Best Books on Personal Development

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When you read Personal Development books, you learn about how you can utilize your strengths and use your gifts so that you become the person that you are capable of being. You read about people like William de Ruger and John Assaraf, who wrote books on how they used their personal talents to become leaders, authors, sales people and the like. In addition to reading these books, you can also get access to hundreds of articles that have been written by these authors and other authors in this particular niche of the self-help book industry. Personal Development books are a great way to make sure that you learn about new skills or use the ones that you already have.

For example, Personal Development in the City by Chris Gardner and Marketing for Strong Relationships by Pam Hendrixson both teach us about using the power of positive thinking to motivate ourselves and others. They are both well known experts in their respective fields and are very respected by people in the New York area and around the country. If you are looking for some fresh perspective on how to improve yourself and become more successful in life, these authors will definitely guide you to the right direction. The principles that they teach us in their books are especially helpful because of the high rate of depression and other mental disorders in the New York region.

One of the best self-help books on personal development we have found is the New Year’s Resolution by John C. Maxwell. This book teaches about setting goals, creating a plan, developing strategies to reach these goals and maintaining your motivation throughout the year. It also talks about how setting goals helps you achieve your dreams. It also talks about how setting goals changes your experience of life and how they help you move forward. The book ends with Maxwell’s own words on what the best self-help books for personal development books should be. It concludes with Maxwell’s own resolution to start a mentorship program for other people who might be at risk for being depressed or who need extra encouragement to reach their full potential.

Another book on personal development that we thought was very helpful was The Personal Development Guide to Getting Your Life Back on Track by Holly Hayden. This book gives you some important tips on how you can get your life back on track. It talks about overcoming procrastination, improving your career, and how to deal with difficult people. It also gives you a brief description of what personal development is, and some interesting insights on how you can use it to help your own life. The Best Self-Help Books for Personal Development Book of the Year 2009 recognizes that New York had some of the best self improvement therapists in the country, so we felt it was only fair to include them here.

One of the most helpful books on self improvement we saw was the Schuster Self Improvement Book. This self-improvement book from Peter Schuster teaches us how to manage our time, give up bad habits, and make successful changes. It also talks about healthy relationships, fear, motivation, gratitude, and perseverance. The Best Self-Help Books for Personal Development Book of the Year 2009 actually recommends that you read this every day. It is written in an easy to understand way, and you will find that reading this every day will improve your life dramatically.

The Personal Development Book of the Year 2009 was probably one of the best self help books of the year. It gives you some great advice on how to get your life on track. Some of the topics discussed in this book include: How to Win Friends and Influence People, Self-Esteem, and Success. Overall, this was a great year for self-development books, and now it’s time to see what your new year has in store for you! This list is by no means comprehensive, but it is a great start to seeing what the best self help books for New York have to offer.

Listen to Audiobooks at Audiobook Bay

audio books modern past trend

Do you know that you can listen to audiobooks for free at Audiobook Bay? They have a fair amount of collection of unabridged audiobooks. Other popular alternative is Audible, which is not free but for a small monthly fee you get access to tens of thousands of audio books by all categories.

Are Audiobooks the Up-Rising Retro Trend of the Past?

audio books modern past trend

Before anything else, any other medium was invented, the very first were radio waves at the beginning of the 19th century. It’s been first transfer of sound through the air, that people could tune up to and listen from their homes, cars, or workplaces. And before the tv came to be, the various sound recording equipments were created such as tape reel or vinyl, and later on smaller cassette tapes.

They all served as an audio medium in the past. Now that we have the modern times of the internet network, we can find and download any kind of audiobook in a matter of minutes. Unlike a physical book or a video, audiobook can be listened to while executing different tasks for example driving, walking, cleaning the house, laying down with eyes closed, etc.

Since people have tendencies to be busier and busier, listening to audiobooks is sometimes the only choice for them.

Learn more about Audiobook Bay.

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Tips for Writing Your First eBook

tips for writing your first ebook

Back when I was just a young fella growing up I heard that there was no more to write about, it had already been done. Whoever it was that said something that dumb was drinking too much.

That statement was not the truth then and it’s even less true in our world today.

I am always looking for ways to do things easier and faster so if you know how to make a task easier then you maybe should write about it. An ebook doesn’t have to be a 100 pages long if you can say it in just 10 pages.

Readers Are Required

I propably don’t need to say this but I am going to anyways.

Keep in mind that if there are only 20 people in the entire world that really want to know about what you’re writing about maybe it’s not the greatest idea, unless you’re giving it away to get more traffic.


The Easier Your Ebook Is To Read The Better

I’m not bragging here but I have a grade nine education. As a matter of fact I didn’t really even pay much attention for those 10 years of my life, so please don’t write over my head.

I personally believe and practice never writing about the level of the content.

So if I am writing about fishing I will write so that an 8 years old can understand because that’s when I started learning about fishing.

However, if your audience actually is rocket scientists then. Yeah, like I would ever be writing about rocket science.

I personally feel it’s better to write for a less educated market as we are so global these days.

What I’m saying is you don’t have to have a university degree in order to teach someone how to do something by writing a useful ebook. If that were the case I would probably need to give up making money writing for a living.

Your Readers Want To Learn Now So Make Your Ebooks Small

Pictures are nice but if they don’t add value to your ebook then why bother putting them in. Sadly most times its to make the ebook appear bigger than it is to try and get more sales. How annoying that is.

People are willing to pay for useful content they don’t need the filler if the info does its job.

Discover How You Can Write An Ebook In Just One Week

Yes when you know the tricks that save you time you can write an ebook much faster